Episode 17: ISIS, Iraq & Iran with Guest Kyle Orton

This week Andrea, Grant & Matthias welcome new co-host, Anna! The group is joined by Mid-East analyst, Kyle Orton, to discuss the rise of ISIS in the wake of the Iraq War and the ongoing issues with Iran. Following a week of 10 captured & released American sailors and the prisoner swap that resulted in imprisoned Americans in Iran being released. Closing the show everyone gave their ‘Story of the Week.’

Outro: Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie

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3 Comments on "Episode 17: ISIS, Iraq & Iran with Guest Kyle Orton"

  1. A great topic. In the future though when you have a subject matter expert like Kyle Orton it would be great if the hosts didn’t constantly interrupt the guest with their ignorant comments. Let the guy make his point and follow up with what he says not interject your half knowledgable points.

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