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Tonight’s episode is cancelled. Allow me to explain why and then add a few comments.

I think everyone is, by this point, aware of the terrorist attack in Orlando. We had originally planned to move forward with the episode and, obviously, discussion on the attack and surrounding events/politics would be featured heavily.

Then one of us received news that hit far too close to home. Orlando is the hometown of our own Kyle Foley. He has close connections, through friends and high school, to the area affected. As the day has progressed, he learned that close to a dozen people he knows where at the club when the attack occurred. Worst of all, one of those folks was murdered by the terrorist.

When Kyle let us know this, it was decided to cancel tonight’s episode.  As Americans, we are all hurt by the actions from late Saturday/early Sunday. Kyle especially needs to process what happened, check on his friends and family, and grieve for those lost. So, no episode tonight, but we will be back next week at full strength and ready to be Contrarian.

My comments on the attack itself are as follows:

  1. To all of those affected, you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God keep you close in this time of hurt. May your family and friends and communities support you and love you as you need.
  2. To the coward who committed this act, good riddance. I can only imagine that you’re nice and toasty right now and I feel no sorrow for you. You took a disagreement over a lifestyle and twisted it into a murderous rage. You ended lives. You shattered families. Simply because you couldn’t deal with the idea that someone lived in opposition to what you felt was right. The world is undoubtedly a better place without you in it.
  3. To those who taught him, trained him, encouraged him, possibly helped him plan this heinous act….go **** yourself. Are you kidding me? What did you think? That this would cause us to writhe in fear? Surrender? Change who and what we are? Did you cave dwelling barbarian assholes learn nothing from history? You’re not terrorizing us. You’re pissing us off. America may not be the powerhouse we once were, but make no mistake, one thing we are really really good at is raining death and destruction on those stupid enough to attack us. Americans, above just about anything else, will care for Americans. Keep poking the bear and we’ll make a meal of you. There are plenty of us who already wish to do so. Every time you engage in one of these acts, you’re simply growing the ranks of people who wish to strike back, overwhelmingly, at you.
  4. To those across the country that want to help in a tangible way, blood. In mass casualty events, the best help you can offer is to donate blood. OneBlood put out the call earlier today that they were in need of O Negative, O Positive, and AB blood types. A little searching on the internet goes a long way to finding what local donation center can/will send your blood where needed. OneBlood is a good place to start. (They have reported that they are overwhelmed by the response, both online and in the Orlando area. Be patient, keep trying.)
  5. Finally, I encourage everyone to remain vigilant. This particular time of year sees a potential increase in terrorist activities/attacks. Know your surroundings. Keep alert. Take steps to protect yourself and your family (which is good advice period).

As we move forward, love each other. Worry less about your differences and care more about how you can help.

May God bless you all, our Armed Forces, and our First Responders.

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