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FBTB Podcast: (Wo)Men At Work

Andrea, Grant, Matthias and Anna are back for another week! They discuss the topic of giving practical advice is now being labeled “victim-shaming.” They also discuss Pres. Trump’s joke about U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. They…

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FBTB Podcast: Guest Katrina Jorgensen

Grant, Matthias and Andrea are joined bt Katrina Jorgensen this week. They discuss the issue of sponsoring refugees, Syria and end with levity over turkey. Listen in!

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Special Episode: The Pence Policy With Special Guest Co-Hosts

Andrea is joined by Laura¬†Fillault¬†(@LauraKFillault), Karla Jacobs (@KarlaCJacobs), and Misty Callahan (@MistyACallahan), all of whom worked in male-dominated fields, to discuss the controversy about Vice President Mike Pence’s “no dining alone with women” policy. Listen…

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FBTB Podcast: We’re Back for 2017!

Anna is out sick with a horrible bout of dysentery…or cholera…basically, Florida is trying to kill her again — but Matthias, Grant, and Andrea reconvene Far Beyond the Beltway for 2017. The group talks about…

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FBTB Podcast: Guest Laura Fillault

This week, Andrea and Matthias are joined by guest Laura Fillault while Grant and Anna are away. The group talks about how to not get painted with the Trump brush as a conservative. They also…

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FBTB Podcast: Guest Ed Morrissey from HotAir

This week, the guys are out and Andrea and Anna interview Ed Morrissey from The trio discusses the Vatican ambassadorship, President Trump’s executive orders and actions, media sensationalism and who will be nominated to…

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FBTB Podcast: Guest Jay Caruso

This week on the podcast, Grant is away and Andrea, Matthias and Anna are joined by RedState’s Jay Caruso. They discuss the importance of the Electoral College, Mike Pence’s experience at the Broadway show ‘Hamilton,’…