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FBTB Podcast: It’s A Full House

Andrea, Grant, Anna, and Matthias have finally all made it this week. Join them for a discussion about SCotUS rulings and the debate over the healthcare bills. Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review! https://farbeyondthebeltway.podbean.com/mf/download/wf22sd/FBTB06282017.mp3

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FBTB Podcast: What A Mess

Andrea, Anna, and Matthias discuss the upcoming Comey hearing and Trump’s threat to live-tweet during the proceedings. They then talk about what TV and movies they’ve been watching lately and wind up back at politics….

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FBTB Podcast: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Sans Anna this week, Andrea, Grant, and Matthias discuss homeless conservatives, unrest in the Philippines, and the creation of fake news exposed in real time. Topics each co-host had written about over the Memorial Day weekend….

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FBTB Podcast: Guest Kimberly Ross

This week, RedState’s Kimberly Ross joins Far Beyond the Beltway to discuss her recent article, Christian School’s Reaction To Pregnant Student Reveals Problem Within The Pro-Life Movement.  Other topics discussed: The bombing in Manchester and the…

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FBTB Podcast: Did We Become A Food Podcast?

Andrea, Grant and Matthias talk about “cloud eggs,” and avocado toast. They discuss Millennial economics and fatalism. Grant discusses the issues going on in the Middle East. Listen in! https://farbeyondthebeltway.podbean.com/mf/download/gibqsn/FBTB05172017.mp3

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FBTB Podcast: What Trip To Costco?

Andrea, Grant, Matthias & Anna are all back! They discuss college and healthcare. Andrea recounts a frustrating event and then they end by reviewing the movie, Moana. Listen in! https://farbeyondthebeltway.podbean.com/mf/download/fju5i4/FBTB05072017.mp3

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FBTB Podcast: Guest Aaron Gardner

Andrea and Grant are joined by Aaron Gardner to discuss Trump’s comment that Andrew Jackson would’ve avoided the American Civil War. They then discuss the Middle East and the letter all 100 U.S. senators signed…

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FBTB Podcast: (Wo)Men At Work

Andrea, Grant, Matthias and Anna are back for another week! They discuss the topic of giving practical advice is now being labeled “victim-shaming.” They also discuss Pres. Trump’s joke about U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. They…