Millennial Moment: Cruz Appeal


Millennials are the often maligned, for good reason, group ranging between late teens and early/mid 30s. Generally speaking, those born in the 80s and 90s.

With the Millennial generation becoming an ever larger and more dominant force in society, Millennials are currently the largest generation in terms of population and workforce, winning this voting bloc becomes ever more important.

A large portion of President Obama’s success in the 08 and 12 elections has been tied to his crushing margins within this group. He defeated Mitt Romney by 37 points (67/30) in this demographic. So who is winning this group?

Ted Cruz is.

FoxNews latest poll shows Cruz winning Millennials by 14 points (51/37) over presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Clinton wins Millennials over Trump by 18 points (50/32). When asked solely about Republican primary candidates, the poll does not use the category “age 35 and under”, instead they use “age 45 and under”. So the Millennials plus a good portion of GenX. Ted Cruz is winning that demographic handily. Cruz is at 47%, Trump 30%, and John Kasich 20%.

What does all that mean? I don’t know. This election season has defied all common sense, logic, and I’m pretty sure the laws of quantum mechanics as well. What I do know is that the demographic that was heralded as oh so important in the Obama victories is supporting Cruz, by large margins. Draw your own conclusions.


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