Heidi Cruz’s Purse Contents: Approved


Heidi Cruz was interviewed by Fox News’ Martha McCallum on America’s Newsroom Tuesday morning. The on-leave managing director of Goldman Sachs flawlessly executed her current roll as candidate’s spouse, talking about the values and accomplishments of her husband and his presidential campaign, as well as what a Cruz administration would do if he’s elected.

Of course Ms. McCallum couldn’t resist interrupting Mrs. Cruz as she declined to talk about her own professional accomplishments – something I really wish she wouldn’t do…but, another topic for another time – to bring up the topic of purse contents following Hillary Clinton’s admission that she carries hot sauce (!!!) with her all the time. Wading into the ‘do we believe that or don’t we?’ question that’s been circulating ever since.

But before responding with a polite, “I think we’ll have to take her for her word,” Heidi admitted that three things she always carries with her are the following:

  1. Starbucks instant coffee – As a Pacific Northwesterner and lover of all things coffee, this item gets two thumbs up.
  2. A handful of almonds – Almonds are a super food and are a well-known healthy alternative for a quick snack when hungry. They’re high in protein and fiber and help give you more long term energy than a candy bar or bag of chips. She’s obviously an organized and prepared person. I like it.
  3. Lip gloss – Whether it’s Chapstick or lip gloss, every woman I know carries some kind of moisturizer for their lips. So, while Hillary can continue being weird and endangering all of her hand bags by carrying around liquid, Heidi gets points for being normal.

You can watch the exchange here:

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