Georgia and Religious Exemption


Quick recap: Georgia state legislature passed House Bill 757. The bill would provide an exemption for individuals and religious organizations from participating in same sex marriage ceremonies.

This resulted in a massive outcry from the Left, including threats by a not insignificant group of Hollywood actors/actresses and studios to boycott the state.

In the past week, nearly three-dozen actors, directors and studio companies have threated to pull out of lucrative projects in Georgia — a popular filming location dubbed the “Hollywood of the South” — if Deal signs the bill.

The bill, being duly passed by the legislature, then went to Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, who had until May 3 to sign it.

Any guesses on what Gov. Deal elected to do?

Here’s your answer.

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  1. Marci deGroot | March 29, 2016 at 6:57 pm | Reply

    Nice choice of words, Brent…what Gov. Deal elected to do and what he WAS elected to do aren’t quite the same, I’d wager (although their primary results may suggest otherwise…) The same sort of thing happened in Indiana minus the direct Hollywood money. (Hey! Wouldn’t a governor named Deal be a perfect running mate for Trump? Trump/Deal 2016! And from the South!) I was convinced at one time that governors would make better presidents–executive experience and all that trite conventional wisdom–, but now I don’t see much of a difference. Politicians gonna politic (if there’s one thing being a millennial has taught me, it’s that any word can be a verb).
    So sorry, Memories Pizza (just down the from me–good pizza, lousy service) and the like, your rights have been prioritized by the (il)liberals in both parties.

    Glad to see your movement towards becoming a “proper blog” (Andrea’s words, if I’m not mistaken) in addition to the podcast.
    Talk to ya later.

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