FBTB Podcast: Guest Nicole Russell

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This week, Anna takes over the hosting duties and she, Andrea, Grant and Matthias are joined by The Federalist’s Nicole Russell. They discuss fetal pain and late-term abortion that Nicole wrote about here. Other topics discussed are Trump’s possible VP pick being a pro-abortion Democrat and finally, last week’s police shootings and the subsequent executions of police officers in Dallas.

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  1. In the late 90’s, my HS health class watched videos of abortions (we could have opted out). I don’t recall the age of the babies, but they were obviously babies and obviously trying to get away from the suction tube. I’ll drop the F-bomb for you, Grant, it was fucking horrible–an image that will never be erased. I’d be shocked if they still show that video or anything like it.

    As for adoption, I’ve wondered for a long time why popular culture makes it a bianary option: either you abort the baby or you keep the baby. Adoption never seems to be an avenue.

    Thanks for the work you do, Anna.

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