Episode 22: W.T.F., GOP?

Anna is back! And this week she, Matthias, Andrea & Grant discuss the South Carolina Republican primary and what it means going forward. In that vein, the group then talks about the issue of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and whether or not one of them needs to drop out to put an end to the Trump debacle. A round of quick stories closes out the episode.

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Articles of interest from this episode:

Why I Wept for Scalia – Gallagher: https://t.co/CKIz9p5fAg

Ted Cruz Has A Huge Math Problem – Wasserman: https://t.co/ZyIyQrmWl3

Dana Perino Calls Out Trump’s Lie About WMDs – Caruso: http://bit.ly/1WCJ7qu

#NationalEatingDisordersWeek – http://nedawareness.org/

An Oscar Nerd’s Guide To Enjoying the Oscars – Shapiro: http://bit.ly/1PRgZ11


Outro: Thiskidsnotalright by AWOLNATION


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