Don’t Blow Your Conservative Cred, Indiana!


Governor Kasich is pulling his resources out of my home state of Indiana. As a Ted Cruz supporter, this is good news to me. In reading local articles about the Indiana primary, I was starting to feel uneasy about the inferred support of moderate Republicans for Kasich.

Before the agreement between Cruz and Kasich, I heard retiring Senator Dan Coats trot out the “reach out to Independents and disaffected Democrats” and “unite the party” humbug at the Indiana Republican Party Spring Dinner. The lamentations sunk in not only with the Kasich angle, but also with what looked to me like a squandering of Indiana’s importance this cycle with votes for him.

Considering the vibes of support in Indiana for the Ohio governor I have felt from some of our Republican leaders, I hope this will steer their support towards Cruz. Although with Kasich’s admission that he is still asking for Hoosier’s votes—just not spending any money to do so—the agreement may mean nothing to those who have already decided to throw their vote away.

Enter Indiana Governor Pence, who has heretofore declined to endorse any specific candidate during his own reelection campaign. Hopefully, this agreement will encourage him to speak up for Cruz, who Pence is obviously much more aligned with politically. The governor ought to ask himself if he wants to share a ticket with Donald Trump and his YUGE negatives (the biggest I’ve ever seen!).

Some of my colleagues think this agreement is a brilliant strategy—play to Kasich’s delusions of a convention win and keep delegates from Trump—while others feel betrayed that Cruz would “team up” with the Fruit Ninja and risk confirming Trump’s claims of Cruz as a devious character. I’m going with the former.

All this to keep Trump from the 1237 delegates—a worthy endeavor to be sure, but I’m worried it is too little, too late. For the past two presidential elections, I was filled with an apparently irrational confidence—not that the right man would win per se, but that the wrong man would lose and common sense would prevail. Obama winning reelection actually ruined my day (but I’m weird like that). Because of this, my optimism could use some stoking.

And then I saw my first Trump yard sign. Sad.

In the spirit of O’Sullivan’s Law, which states that ‘all organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing,’ I must actively fight the residual “smug style” of the left that I carry from the days I thought I was a Democrat. I must tamp down the little voice in my head saying, “These people are going to fall for this visceral Trump demagoguery on trade, etc.! He’s going to play this collusion baloney, and they will buy it!”

Does the reasoning against a vote for Trump need to be reiterated? Yes, and it’s been outlined thoroughly already. So here are five reasons, and five more, and eleven more, and forty more to illustrate his lack of conservatism and prove he is unfit for the presidency. These reasons overlap in part, but the review is necessary in my opinion considering the slight edge Trump has in the polls in Indiana.

Here are four excellent reasons to vote for Cruz from an unlikely source: Robert Reich. When the opposition tells us exactly what they fear, we should take heed.

Now that we’ve all been taken for a ride on the Trump train—willingly or unwillingly—I think it’s long past time for his supporters to look at the destination, because the White House isn’t the end of the line. Some form of authoritarianism is. I’m choosing to believe that the people of Indiana will carry the day on Tuesday because I know they are reasonable and full of common sense.

In conclusion, a) Pence ought to endorse Cruz because he is the only republican coming through this state, b) a vote for Kasich in Indiana is trumpery—I use the lower case “t” but it could just as well be an upper case “T”—if Hoosiers sincerely want him to have a chance at the convention, c) Trump is playing the ultimate reality TV game where he continues as the CEO, d) Democrats want to run against Trump badly, e) I have a package of Cadbury Crème Eggs on hand just in case I’m wrong about my fellow Hoosiers.

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