Argentinian Coast Guard Sinks Chinese Ship


From the Buenos Aires Herald:

Argentina’s coastguard has sunk a Chinese fishing trawler that was operating illegally within its territorial waters, the coastguard said on Tuesday.

In a high-seas chase, a coastguard vessel on Monday pursued the fishing vessel Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 toward international waters, firing warning shots across the Chinese boat’s bow as it attempted to raise the crew by radio.

I’m going to leave the idea that a Chinese fishing vessel was near Argentina alone for this. I’m assuming there’s some plausible explanation for that.

But the military/armed forces of one sovereign nation sinking the vessel of a second sovereign nation qualifies as “very much not good” in my book. I don’t blame the Argentinian CG here, I mean, if someone is trying to ram your boat and refusing to obey your directions….well….

So far all we’ve had is China expressing it’s displeasure and calling for a “thorough investigation”. Although the two countries have what appears to be an ever closer relationship, this is the second time in the last few years that Argentina has had to deal with Chinese fishing vessels fishing illegally in their waters. The first resulted in warning shots and detainment. Now they’ve actually sunk a vessel.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this has any impact on the relationship between the two countries. International alliances/diplomacy/etc is a complicated and multifaceted endeavor. The good news for the US is that we have the best and brightest directing our actions.


Oh. Right. Well an election is coming up soon and I’m sure the next person in charge will have a steady hand on the tiller. Right? Please?

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