August 2017

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FBTB Podcast: Crazy Feminism with Guest Sarah Quinlan

This week, Andrea, Grant, Anna, and Matthias are joined by the illustrious Sarah Quinlan. Topics discussed are books and TV, the difficulty of being a conservative and a feminist, the alt-Right’s┬ápro-abortion stance, and the Right’s…

fbtb featured

FBTB Podcast: The End of the Innocent

Andrea, Matthias, and Anna begin by talking about miscellany and the changes coming to streaming content. They then go on to discuss the CBS report about Iceland eradicating itself of people with Down Syndrome through…

fbtb featured

FBTB: The Googler Who Thought Too Freely

Matthias, Anna, and Grant discuss the firing of a Google employee over a diversity memo, among other topics. Listen in!